Thank you for coming to my page. I have been with Enjeo (formely known as Freester) for well over a year and have made money every day with them. A lot of people onlu know how to make money by referring. I will show you how to daily. Follow the steps I provide below to get started.

Becoming an affiliate with Enjeo is super easy and you only need an email address and an account and routing number where you would like your money to be deposited.


STEP 1: The first thing to do is get yourself an email address if you don't already have one. You can use any email platform that you want but, I prefer a gmail. Simply go to Google.com and select gmail in the top right of the screen. If you do not have a Gmail account than it will display create an account in the upper right hand corner. Just click on that and fill out the information and you will be on your way to having a gmail address. The next thing you will need is to have your bank account info ready. You will need your account number for the account that you want to use as your deposit account along with the bank's routing number. Once you have those them you are ready to proceed to step two.


STEP 2: Now comes the fun part...actually signing up. Click HERE and it will take you to a signup page. Simply enter your first, last name and the email address that you have. This email is also going to be your username for your Enjeo affiliate dashboard.

Now just click the "START EARNING TODAY" button and it will take you to the sign up page. This page is where you will create your password , enter your bank info and your mailing address along with a contact number.

Be sure to include real information and not fake. Enjeo representatives will contact you from time to time to see how things are working for you.

 Also, if you need to contact them for any questions they will need you to verify you address and phone number on file before they will assist you. When you have filled everything out then click on the "START EARNING" button. This will take you to another screen that will have some further instructions and have your very important customer link.

In the picture above where the red arrow is pointing is a button that you will click, once you have clicked it I want you to open up your notepad and paste the link in it.

 Click file--> Save as "My Enjeo Customer Link". This link is what you will use to earn your $11.25 and much, much, more.

Now this is really starting to get good. In this section you will be taught how to become your very first customer and earn $11.25. Follow the bullet points listed below and before you know it..you will have created your first customer and be well on your way to making daily money with Enjeo

  • Make sure to close and reopen your browser or a different browser for this part. Open your notepad and copy your personal customer referral link
  •  open a new tab and paste the customer link into the address bar and hit enter. Now this is really starting to get good. In this section you will be taught how to become your very first customer and earn $11.25.
  • open a new tab and paste the customer link into the address bar and hit enter.


This page below should appear. Understand that the name of the company may be different than what mine was. Ths form will collect information that will be auto filled on the next screen after you click "CONTINUE".

Just fill out the form above with your real name and zip code and very, very important make sure that you USE A DIFFERENT EMAIL ADDRESS from the one you used to sign up with Enjeo.

 This is the key that tells Enjeo that this is a new customer and allows you to get the roadside assistance service for $1 a week. The next screen will be the payment information screen

The screen pictured below is the one I mentioned that would come auto filled with the information that you placed on the previous screen. The only other item you will need to enter is your password.

When you are finished filling in your password you will click on the "CONTINUE" button once again. This will then take you to the payment information screen. Here is where you will enter your card information that you want the $1/week for your road side assistance to be billed from. Now, this can be a bank card, credit card or certain prepaid cards.

That's it! You have now completed all of the steps to earn $11.25.


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